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Hutton&co takes a different approach to achieving the working life you want - we focus on outcomes, personal to you, and help you attain them in a bespoke way.

Our process is tried and tested, and adapts to each different situation so it can apply equally easily whether you need a CV refresh or are looking to change career.

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Found a job advertised? Then don't apply…
30 June 2017

.. not just yet, anyway.

In this world of highly competitive interview and selection procedures, you need to be savvy to gain an upper hand.

CVs are usually not the best way of showing your passion, determination and personality and often it’s apparent work experience, previous employers and qualifications that swing the day in the first round.

So if you're a little lacking in those areas but know you could do a great job, how could you skew things in your favour?

Two words that will improve your application to interview hit rate
29 June 2017

Well, in a few cases it could be three or possibly four words at a stretch.

The words?

Your name.

While it may be obvious to those who have worked in the marketing arena that familiarity (and the trust that comes from it) is a powerful aspect of decision-making for most human beings, it’s possible others are less aware. So read on….

Keep the spring in your step!
6 June 2017

It can be all too easy to forget that your body, while amazing, is not infinitely resourceful. We all need food, sleep and space for our brains to process things. So when you're working, trying to find a new job and looking after family, passions, interests and chores, how do you find time for you...?

Let's be real
6 June 2017

I live in North Devon, in the West of England. It's rugged, not overly developed and lacks many of the refinements of our friends a 90 minute drive away on the south coast of the county. Perfect!