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How people have been helped

In their own words, this is what a few people have said about working with Hutton&co...

Louise - Senior Manager, Marketing Communications

I feel it is important to work with Hutton&co. I now realise you don’t need to take these journeys on your own. I am the type of person who needs advice/guidance/sounding board from others - and importantly people who understand my position - to help me make the right decisions and getting me in good shape for those next steps (CVs/Linked-In, etc). Change is much scarier when you're on your own! Thanks again.

John, Senior Project Manager

Thank you so much for your sane and wise advice - without it I might well have just given up thinking that it was all now beyond me to hold down a job

Matt, Senior Sales Consultant
Matt, Senior Sales Consultant

The help Mark gave me in redefining myself, after being made redundant from a 21 year long job was immeasurable, and so deserved prompt payment

Tom B, Recent Graduate

I feel that I now have a much clearer idea of which professions I want (and don’t want) to pursue and the possible opportunities they later create. Thanks for all your help and expertise. I will definitely contact you again in the future if I become unsure about anything.

Malcolm, Communications Specialist

Mark has been extremely helpful and patient sorting out my LinkedIn profile and I really appreciate the time he has put in with me.

Tamsin - Executive Coach, Trainer and Business Consultant
Tamsin - Executive Coach, Trainer and Business Consultant

Frank has been inspirational and invaluable as I have set up my business. He is great fun to work with and has been insightful and patient as I’ve made important decisions. He brings valued clarity and order and has been an extra boost to getting tasks completed. I thoroughly recommend him and will continue to work with him in the future.

Andy - Commercial Director
Andy - Commercial Director

Having become very frustrated with the recruitment industry, Frank’s coaching and enablement style was instrumental in providing a clear sense of direction and priorities for my career development which has, ultimately, delivered success for me. The fact I now regard him as a friend is testament to this. I can’t recommend Hutton & Co highly enough. 

Steph, Recruitment Consultant

It did much to clarify things in my mind, and will be invaluable in the future when I look to develop my skills and make my next set of career choices. I really appreciate your perspective and advice.

Debbie - Senior Marketing Manager

Thank you so much for the session  - I genuinely came away with some real practical tips, all of which I am going to take forward.

David – Sales and Marketing Director

“It is like therapy of a different kind!” (speaking of a career discussion and CV refresh session) 

Brian – Marketing Director and Consultant

His knowledge of social media and new recruitment methods has been invaluable. On top of that he’s a nice bloke too!” 

Thomas, Campaigner
Thomas, Campaigner and Strategist

Thanks so much for the three sessions. I found them enormously helpful and instructive. As we said at the start, I felt I needed a new perspective on the way I engage with work, what I offer, and what I want. All these things I felt we achieved, The sessions ultimately have given me the confidence and direction to work for my self, which is what I've wanted in my heart to do for a long time. So thank you. 

Laura - Legal Executive

I'm very very happy with my CV now and certainly feel it showcases the best of my skills! I would like to thank Jayne too as she was so helpful. I have already recommended Hutton and Co to my friends!

Michael J - Marketing Manager

"Thank you very much for that advice, It almost certainly was worth at least a few thousand pounds to me. Thanks again for your help." 

Jennifer - Senior Marketing Professional

Working with you was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track and a fantastic investment in my career. Your advice is incredibly valuable and I am now able to clearly articulate to myself, my current employer and potential employers my values and strengths.

John Copsey, Top Financial Planner

Following the festive break we  thought it time to get some balance and set some challenges and decide on what we wanted to achieve in 2014.  We completed a simple online personality profile with somewhat frightening accuracy!  Then the fun started, we had a full feedback session with Mark that lead to some fascinating insights but more importantly clarity on what we were all about. We’ve now set meaningful goals for 2014 and the year has a fresh look about it!  We would thoroughly recommend Hutton & Co.’s services - the value Mark delivered to us was second to none and we look forward to reviewing progress over the coming months.

Tom, Business Owner

Thank you so much for your help and support last year.  Looking back on it and where I am today, shows me that I did need to "get a grip" on everything that was going on in my head/world and I wouldn't have done that half as well as if you hadn't been involved, supporting and guiding me. Thanks Frank!

Simon, Sales & Marketing professional

After some time working overseas and returning to an economic “down-turn” in the UK, my employment prospects (and morale) appeared low. Hutton&co led me through the maze of options and procedures to streamline my search. Your unique combination of experience and relationship skills made this whole process more enjoyable and positive and when I needed a mentor and a morale boost, you delivered.

Mel – Client Services Director

Frank has proved to be a great sounding board, mentor and friend – someone who seems to know what I want to do, even if I can’t put it into words myself! Refreshingly straight talking, and genuinely interested, there is honestly no-one else I would call  - whether  I wanted to change jobs or completely change direction.