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You're not alone

Frank Hutton
Frank in a coffee shop

I've learned two key things about people and jobs in the last 35 years and they may sound contradictory: one is that everyone is different, and the other is that we're more alike than we think.

For instance, I love meat, red wine and historical novels. My wife though eats no meat, only drinks white or rose (red gives her a headache) and she likes a good story with lots of relationship detail in her preferred holiday reading. So one might think we're completely different.

In reality we're much the same - we both LOVE our food, appreciate good wine and enjoy a good read.

We share similar needs and desires but what answers them precisely is slightly different.

The same is true about every aspect of your needs, and especially our working lives. Square pegs have never fitted round holes, but it's surprising how many people have tried to wedge their oval-shaped peg into a round hole with unhappy consequences.

I am passionate about people not settling for second best in any aspect of their life. Our world affords so many great opportunities it seems almost criminal to ignore them if they are available to you.

My mission is to help prepare, plan, equip and encourage people to get the very best they can out of their working life, whatever shape it might need to be to suit them.

For me it's most likely to involve a coffee shop somewhere and not too many suits and ties. For you it may be different. I like to feel I am the master of what I'm doing and that I know where and why I am going the direction I am. You may be the same.

I hope the articles in this blog help you to find out which you need and will encourage you to act upon your discovery. You're on a  journey like thousands yet we can learn useful lessons from the unique experiences of others.