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Don't write anything off completely ... ever

Frank Hutton

YOU MIGHT THINK this a crazy idea - surely there are some things that are just not worth wasting time on?

Well, that's how I felt for a long while till I realised the value of what those things I viewed negatively taught me. And that led me to think, is anything completely worthless (including me!)?

The answer I've found from experience a few decades on is 'No'!

For instance, I've noticed that many a US blogger and consequently a fair few elsewhere, has resorted to a now ineffective tool to get you to read their blog entry. It's a tool used by feature magazines over the years, often when the Editor has run out of ideas. Ever seen an entry entitled 'Ten great ways to improve your success in bread baking'. Or ' 6 common mistakes people make when trying to approach members of the opposite sex in bars.' You know the kind of thing - it started life as 'Ten top tips for your garden this weekend' in Gardening Weekly magazine.

So you might expect me to ignore a post that was headed: "The Six Enemies of Greatness (and Happiness)".

Not so. I love learning from such articles on how NOT to do it - so I clicked on the link. It's from Forbes magazine so you'd expect it to be of reasonable quality. What I discovered was a funny, universally applicable 120 second read with more truth than some 300 page coaching manuals I've read. (Nice article by the way Jessica Hagy)

It made me smile and made me think. Make your own mind up: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jessicahagy/2012/02/28/the-six-enemies-of-greatness-and-happiness/?goback=%2Egde_1774369_member_113075417

So my advice on carving your way to a better future is to be selective, highly selective! But never write anything off as worthless, especially yourself. You may be surprised, pleasantly.