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Does LinkedIn really matter when job hunting?

Frank Hutton

I've just passed another land mark in my number of LinkedIn connections. They now number more than any number of people I could invite to my next birthday party even if I were to hire the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane.

I suspect, for a proportion, their profiles may be just sad reminders of a previous employment. Some tend to ignore the messages coming through from LinkedIn or perhaps they rarely check the email address they signed up with.

So is my contact list really a waste of effort and lack value as a useful resource? Not at all.

Locked up inside my contact list is not just thousands of contacts, but also the many thousands of people they know and, potentially, the many thousands if not millions of their acquaintances and so on. In fact, the key to anyone's next employment opportunity could well be secreted in their own list of names and faces, even though you've not corresponded with some of them for quite some time.

Don't ignore that resource. Did you know you can easily export that list of names along with their email addresses ready to use quite legitimately? These people are five times more likely to respond to you as there is at least a chance they will know who you are. And most, when approached via LinkedIn by a private individual (not someone trying to sell their company's services), are very happy to help if they can, in my experience.

You don't need an upgraded expensive subscription to get maximum benefit.

See it for what it is: a work-oriented contact system operated by individuals for mutual benefit. Use it proactively, join groups and make contributions to help make your profile visible. It's not tricky (I can help you if you need it). You don't need an upgraded expensive subscription to get maximum benefit.

And don't forget it's also a passive tool that's working for you night and day. Get your profile up to date with achievements, key words, a decent photograph and so on. Recruiters are looking at LinkedIn from around the globe 24/7.

Perhaps only 1 in 50 approaches are of real prospect, but it could be the one. When it costs so little effort to get it sorted and then none to let it do it's job, it's crazy not to. I

t's not Facebook and no-one (you don't want to) will invade your personal life and it's FREE.

If you want to know more, email me and I'll work with you to help you get the best from it. It will take you less time everyday than you spend eating breakfast.


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By Frank Hutton