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Has Sunday become a dreaded day for you?

Frank Hutton
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I was struck last week by an article online from the Telegraph, talking about the anxiety people feel when the next working week seems to loom large on the horizon.

According to the research they are quoting ( a poll undertaken by Premier Inn), it kicks in around 4.13pm on a Sunday.

And I wondered what your experience was? 

Perhaps you're looking for work right now and the chance to feel that anxiety would be welcome? Or maybe you're thinking of changing job because that feeling is all too real and you can't take any more?

The sinking feeling is compounded by people's other Sunday behaviours (not leaving the  house at all that day, having do their chores, or they just don't communicate with anyone in the outside world).

Frankly for me, Sunday is a fabulous day. It's often busy; I do go out, usually to do something nice (bike ride, pub lunch, see friends/daughters, gardening, even call my Mother!). I am aware of the dark feelings that can come but I also know that once I arrive back at my desk they will soon blow away. So I take steps to combat those feelings directly.

So don't be a slave to your feelings. Make them work for you. Turn Sunday into the best non-working day and make the very most of this extra time, earned by the Christian heritage of the UK, by planning in something that lifts you up.

Or if impromptu is better for you, let your imagination run riot - drive to the beach when you see the sun is shining; embark on that family tree project you keep talking about; or repaint the depressing downstairs loo (we're all different!) at last. You can do it!

You'll feel happier. And if you work at it, over time you can change the way you feel about Sundays (or any day for that matter). Feelings don't reflect reality very often so choose to make them good ones by doing the right kind of things.

To see the article in full:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/9381836/Sunday-blues-start-at-4.13pm-survey-finds.html  Maybe even book yourself a short break at a Premier Inn!

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By Frank Hutton