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It's Friday!

Frank Hutton
Things to do list

While I'm writing this post, it is actually Friday.

The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The weekend is less than a day away. Time perhaps to take my foot off the gas a little and coast into Saturday.

Well, if you're all sorted, in both career satisfaction and financial terms, that's great. But what if you're not?

Friday is the end of the week. You should have achieved a number of things but how many have you actual ticked off your list? How much closer to your goals are you. Be honest with yourself.

I'm not out to be doom and gloom and dour. Quite the opposite. I believe the best way to help your weekend scoot along is to enjoy it without the pressure of a monkey on your back, reminding you of the things you haven't done.

So if you are about to head to the sun lounger here's a few tips which might just make that well earned rest even more effective and enjoyable:

  1. Make a list of what still needs to be done (Monday, next week, the week after). It will be like a mini review, with some things completed which will encourage you and helping you to feel in control of the rest.
  2. Review it briefly and think if there is anything you could complete or even just start today before you finish for the day. It could be something that has sat on the list for a while. Perhaps it's a knotty challenge you don't want to face but which might be easier if you just make a start. It could be a phone call you keep putting off.  Why not just crack on and do it right there and then? Imagine how much better you'll feel having addressed it or at least got out of the starting blocks.
  3. If you're not making a list regularly/keeping tabs of your plans for the future, you will find that things inevitably drift and take longer to happen, if they happen at all. So if you think you're not a 'list' type person then find someone who you can make yourself accountable to: your partner, friend, colleague, career coach, someone you trust but who will have your best interests at heart enough to nag you a little bit. Often just sharing what you're doing is a real aid to motivating you to getting things done - so don't keep stuff a secret.

Right then, the sun's still shining. What can I achieve before I go and lie in it? Ah, yes, finish this blog entry.