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You need a friend Part 2 - The power of Coffee

Frank Hutton

You'll recall the previous post in this series, where I suggested that the business of finding a job is such a challenge that it is not one  you should face alone.

The potential for finding friends or colleagues for mutual encouragement or to provide a sounding board for you, is a real practical way of sustaining yourself through the process.

This time, I'd like to focus on the time aspect of a job search and how you can use others to help you in maintaining your focus and energy levels throughout a process.

It's always good to be positive and think that the very first application you make or first contact you make is the one that will bear fruit. However, from my experience over the last 20 years, you're probably already screaming at your lap top or iPad at this point, saying "Tell me about it - I've been looking for 3 months now and don't feel any further on!"

So it's a question of how can some one else help you through this period? Maybe find someone else you know who has found a job recently. I'd be surprised if they had one drop into their lap or had a miracle overnight interview/offer/start Monday scenario. They don't have to be someone in the same industry as you. Grab a coffee with them on a monthly basis and tell them about your process and results.

You'll find that as you tell your story it will be become apparent where you can make adjustments and you also may discover new angles to making approaches to companies/individuals about employment.

This isn't about having someone alongside you who shares your 'pain' experience. It's more about the process of sharing the information which leads to the insight. It's just that someone who has been through the process recently is likely to be more empathetic so they will provide a better listening ear which encourages you to keep talking.

We're social animals designed to work together - its been the success of the human race. Don't fight it. Embrace it.

You could try this on your own, but if you've ever tried talking to yourself or even writing things down on your own, it's amazing how easily and quickly you can dry up. We're social animals designed to work together - its been the success of the human race. Don't fight it. Embrace it. Use it.

You could try using online and social media as a route if you really don't know anyone. Some groups on LinkedIn are very helpful, and you may find advice coming from all directions. I don't believe it encourages you to speak as much as the 'listener' isn't necessarily there in realtime.

But in some cases, when you're both online and you know they're listening, it can be just as good. And some of you, may prefer the idea of writing more than speaking. And that's fine.

Job searching, for the right job, can take a while and consume a lot of your energy, so go on - try it! You'll make someone's day by asking them to be part of your search. And that will, in turn, make you feel good. It'll cost you little in financial terms (especially if you avoid Starbucks and have the coffee at home - you can even have tea or water if you like) but it may pay rewards that will last.

How has/did your job search been going/go? Tell me about your experiences.