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Does coming home mean time for a change?

Frank Hutton
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It's probably not a surprise that any impactful experience is likely to result in some further change in a person's life as they adjust to the new 'normal'.

And from some recently published research from Ernst & Young, it seems working abroad is just one of those experiences. (see more at http://bit.ly/T650AM

It seems an individual is highly likely to seek to change company on returning from a period working for that firm away from home and outside the country.

The Ernst & Young survey is aimed at motivating companies to put proper talent management strategies into position. but it ably highlights one of the key reasons for changing job.

The top reason for leaving your role is often your boss. Either a new one arrives with whom you don't 'get on' or they adopt unhelpful management strategies due to pressure from above or they simply are struggling to deliver as a result of their own inadequacies. The list of reasons of why your boss can cause you to leave is endless in fact.

Another key life event is loss of a loved one through bereavement or relationship break down.

Changing economic circumstances is another; for better or worse, they can cause you to review your situation.

It's at this point where you suddenly decide to no longer endure the imperfections in your current role and what it provides you with (not just money, but job satisfaction, self worth etc).

Change is good but it's good to understand your own motivations for seeking it to give yourself a better chance of achieving a successful move.

Why did you move to your current position or why are you seeking your current move. I'd love to know to help my research and understanding.

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