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5 good reasons to keep job hunting at Christmas

Frank Hutton

So, should you pack away your CV and job hunting shoes until January and a New Year dawns?

Definitely not! OK, that's not surprising coming from me, so let me give you 5 good reasons why this is actually the best time of year to be job hunting:

1. Most people don't - It's understandable that, as many of us are exhausted by the time we get to December 10th let alone December 24th, people just want a break from it all. It simply means there will be fewer applicants per job giving you a better chance of being 'seen'. How much do you want that special Christmas present of an interview slot? Make the effort and be seen more easily.

You'll discover that many recruitment consultants are starved of good candidates to work with. Get your CV out there.

2. Recruitment consultants are starved of good candidates at this time of year - because fewer people are applying for jobs generally or starting their search (perhaps thinking that no-one looks for staff in December). You'll discover that many recruitment consultants are starved of good candidates to work with. Get your CV out there. Get on the phone. Get networking on LinkedIn. You may find them more receptive than normal.

3. Companies will respond quicker not slower -The roles that are being advertised are ones that companies want to fill quickly. Why else would they be devoting time and effort now when the rest of the world is munching mince pies and downing sherry? And as there is often a shut down or at least a gap in proceedings over the Christmas period, they want to get on with it sooner rather than later. Let their momentum work to your advantage and reduce your frustration.

4. Most people feel more positive and accommodating - it's absolutely true. Many people reviewing CVs feel more disposed to give you the benefit of the doubt, cut you some slack or widen their net at this time of year. It has a strange, pleasantly sentimental effect. Even in Charles Dickens time, there were people who for various reasons hated Christmas and it's no different now; but they are in the minority. You're more likely to find Bob Cratchit than Ebenezer Scrooge, I promise.

5. You find it easier to get through when networking - I have found that people feel less threatened in December. They've completed one year and are looking forward to the next, already. They have a 'clean sheet' ahead and so they are less protective of their space. Call up that old contact. Have a fresh rummage through your email address book and see who you can connect with on LinkedIn (LI has a feature for this). Say hello to that contact you met a while back at a business dinner or job finding event. It widens your net and will ensure anything that can come your way, will come your way.

That doesn't sound too arduous, does it? In fact, it all sounds like fun.

I wish you every good, positive thought over Christmas. Believing in yourself is a lot more credible than believing in Santa Claus. Most of us were willing to do that when we were smaller. Now you're older, respect yourself and believe in you.

You have much to give and now is the time to make a little extra push to ensure people know you're there and are ready to offer your unique services.

Merry Christmas everyone - may the blessings of peace, joy and goodwill invade your home at this time and throughout 2013.