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Are you back yet? Carpe Diem

Frank Hutton

Happy New Year to you! That's what we say and I generally mean it when I say it myself to others. So is it just a phrase for you, like 'How do you do'? Or is it just a wish (I don't recommend 'wishing' as an effective tool to make things happen)?

Or would you really like to see 2013 as happier and better than 2012 - for you and/or for others? Then don't waste any more time. Start doing the things you never quite got round to doing in 2013.

New year's resolutions are a cliché and not the best way of setting goals but it's a fact that you're less piled high with stuff now than you will be in 3 days time; so make a start.

Even if it's only one thing. And set off on the road to a better year. Don't wait til next week.

And if you're not sure what Carpe Diem means click here.

Right, I must crack on....