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Do you believe in Luck and Fate?

Frank Hutton

Do you believe in Luck and Fate? I’ve got to say I don’t, but hear me out…

The research I’ve done and the people I meet and the the memoirs I read tell me the people who have the lifestyles (including the working life) they want never had an easy ride in getting there.

It’s not just hard work, though that’s part of it.

It’s down to persistence and determination to get to where you want to, not necessarily via the route you first thought of.

This piece by a man, a million times more financially successful than me, puts it well. Read Peter Guber’s succinct account of the Secret to making your own luck

I am quite happy, by the way, with my financial status – I’m right where I want to be. Hope you are too. If not, give me a call on 0117 299 3035 or email frank@huttonandco.co