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It's easier not to...

Andrew Fawkes
Andrew Fawkes

A short piece by Andrew Fawkes on his own battles with procrastination and some inspiration to move on from them...

Songs have a great way of getting under our skin. Whether they remind us of sad times or happy times, we remember dates best when we align them to a song. That said, it's usually the lyrics that do it for us… poetry set to music. The combination is very powerful.

Some years ago Alanis Morissette released a song that contained the words, “it’s easier not to”. How right she was and still is. How many times have I prevaricated about something only to miss the opportunity entirely? Sometimes these opportunities are of little major relevance, but it still niggles that I delayed at all.

E-mails. Unless I deal with them as soon as I receive them or see them for the first time, they go stale. At best they go stale and wither away. At worst, the sender thinks less of me by having to chase.

The same is true of all opportunities: be they Tweets that seemed a great idea until you find someone else has already issued your sentiment (stolen your thunder) or job opportunities. Shall I, shan’t I? What’s that phrase?... procrastination is the thief of time.

Some years ago I was invited to ‘help out’ one of the Olympic & Paralympic Games Sponsors and enjoyed an amazing couple of years of the most satisfactory work. It took me a split nanosecond to accept that role.

What is it about some opportunities that we realise their potential and grasp straight away and others we don’t?

Maybe now’s the time to take a 5 minute break with a cup of tea to listen to this song and reflect. Or maybe like me, it’s easier not to and move on to your next e-mail…