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When you are lost, do you stop and ask directions?

Frank Hutton
asking directions

Or do you just keep driving around? Or maybe turn the map or Sat Nav upside down just in case it might seem clearer?


It puzzles me why people are often reluctant (including myself) to ask for help when we need it?

For instance, when driving to a destination stopping and asking someone which way to go has little risk involved because: 

  1. The person may be local and know exactly where to go, or not, but you've lost nothing but a few seconds of time if they don't. If they do, you will gain time and feel relieved
  2. The person may not be local and cheerily commiserate with you on the challenges of being somewhere new, so you'll probably feel less stressed
  3. The person you ask is unlikely to carjack you (at least in the UK, anyway), deliberately misdirect you or abuse you

Interestingly, we are more likely to ask when when walking along. Perhaps this gives us a clue to the real root cause. It's not about whether the person we ask might know the answer or not, it's a simple fear of rejection OR a fear of looking silly/stupid. It's also possible that once inside our cars, we feel invulnerable and don't want to get out, or even expose ourselves by winding the window down, to a place of 'danger'. It's why the Bobby on the Beat was the Direction-giver of choice, and why we'd still steer ourselves towards someone in 'authority'.

It's a powerful cocktail that leads to inaction and further stress and lack of outcome.

I am equally surprised by how few people take me up on the offer of a free initial consultation about helping them - it's a great way to test out whether we might work well together, so it reduces the risk to you. They tend to either buy our services straight away (the norm) or decide to avoid speaking to us altogether.

If you have been putting off doing something about taking the first step to making your working life better, please don't stay in the car or 'avoid winding the window down' to some excellent help and advice. Just pick up the phone, dial 0117 299 3035 or email letstalk@huttonand.co begin a journey that will cost you nothing initially, and could be the catalyst to lasting change in your working life.

Whether it's how to master LinkedIn, how on earth you can ensure your CV gets read or just what to choose as your next career step, we will listen and tell you our thoughts and how we can help.

Get there sooner, let us help.