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Has your career stalled?

Frank Hutton
Career stalled? Time to look under the bonnet

I wonder if you've even had time to think about that? You'll know whether you're happy in your work, but when did you last seriously sit down and wonder, how you were doing; or if you want more from your working life or whether there were any adjustments you could make to improve it?

Too many of us are so busy doing as good a job as we possibly can, then trying to keep on top of things when we get home (life can be very full!) that there's no time, or little energy left to address the bigger picture: Is this really where you wanted to be in life, at this stage? And will your current situation lead you to where you want to be in the future? Do you even know where that is?

Well, you might not be the kind of person that likes to plan or gaze too far ahead, but by giving some time to this area you can not only achieve good things for you, your family and those around you, but you can gain control, peace of mind and a greater sense of well-being than perhaps you're enjoying now. And that's before you even experience any outcomes from your planning.

It's also possible that the answers to a better situation may be closer than you think.

Too many people feel they need to change company or job to find happiness. I have discovered that this is not always the case. It could be you are in exactly the right job, but doing it in the wrong place. It may be that you're in excatly the right company doing the wrong job (partially or completely). Neither of these situations require monumental change or challenges. 

We're here and can help in whichever scenario you find yourself in - but take the first step by putting some time aside to consider where you are now. We provide a FREE initial consultation. So what better prompt do you need? It needn't be arduous and it needn't be costly.

I remember a houseplant someone had given us - it was nearing extinction! It was more crispy than lush and the likelihood of reviving it seemed unlikely to me. My wife however had more compassion and determination and, through a little careful and strategic intervention, within a year, the 'dead' plant was not only alive but blooming (it was a moth-orchid by the way - well worth saving if you're interested) It didn't take long and it mostly resolved itself after the initial intervention. It sits in our dining room as a reminder of how it's always worth trying to improve something before throwing it out completely, or you may throw the baby out with the bath water.

Let our time create a better time for you.