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CVs are not hitting the mark but don't take our word for it

Frank Hutton
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Poor CVs are ruining the chances of many jobseekers. Thats the assertion of a major survey from the Government's National Careers Service.

They interviewed 200 careers advisers and 2000 job seekers. It's a reasonable cross section and a decent enough sample size to be meaningful. Read more about the specific results here but in short, poor focus and poor spelling were the key problems. More alarming was the fact that most job seekers seemed unable or unwilling to commit enough time to getting their CVs in shape.

So you can draw two conclusions from this:

  • If you can't quite bring yourself to focus on this one, you're probably in good company
  • If you can bring yourself to focus on getting your CV (and probably LinkedIn profile) right, it will instantly put you ahead of the crowd.

It's worth the effort folks. And don't just take our word for it - listen to the nice people at the National Careers Service. We're here, poised and happy to help if you want to join the 33% that want to get it sorted but just need a little help and encouragement.

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By Frank Hutton