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Facebook - not as scary as you think

Frank Hutton

I hope she’ll forgive me for saying it but my sister is a little nervous around social media. So it was with some surprise that I learned she had decided to get herself a Facebook profile. With the encouragement of my daughters, she’d been convinced that both understanding Facebook and being able to view their posts (photos especially) would make the ‘risk’ worthwhile.

Well, I thought maybe we could act as my daughters did and encourage you to join the Facebook world. You don’t have to be active to enjoy it (many users are simply passive watchers of others and derive massive pleasure and interest from doing so).

And you can put substantial barriers in place to protect your privacy and prevent unwanted incursions into your personal world.

And by understanding it (what it can’t do as much as what it does) and being able to access some of the delights hidden there, you may well benefit, both in career terms and personal.

With nearly a billion active users, Facebook is by far the largest of the Social Media options. So it’s no surprise that companies are turning to it for all sorts of commercial uses, including recruitment. Facebook can be a valuable source of information and even a place to make an application. Of course, making sure your profile doesn’t reveal anything inappropriate about you is a good idea if you want to do this.

I’ll run through for you how to set up your own profile in an article next week - so if you’re not already on our mailing list or part of our LinkedIn Group (Because Monday can be the best day of the week) or following our LinkedIn company page, then please do sign up, or drop me an email and I’ll notify you when the article is live.

Got to get back to some live coaching and CV/LI profile work now. See you later!


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By Frank Hutton