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Your dream job is only 3 steps away

Frank Hutton

The business of changing your working life really is quite straightforward even though on the face of it, it appears incredibly complex and daunting. And the three simple steps I will share with you in this piece are born out of my experiences working with people over many years to change their lives for the better.

I’m a career coach not only because I like helping people, but mostly because I love seeing that change. It makes me happy (I think that almost makes me selfish in what I do). So I have made a careful study of those who achieved actual change and why these are the 3 steps that matter most:

Understand what it is you want to do and why

This is the key motivator for most of the people I work with. When you understand why you feel the way you do, it becomes a simple and natural thing to make the change. The whole process instantly becomes less daunting and less complex. For many they are actually in the right job. They are just doing it at the wrong company or organisation. Knowing what makes you happy in a company is the difference between a Happy Monday and creeping depression on a Sunday evening as the dreaded day approaches.

It could be you are doing the wrong kind of work.

There are lots of online assessment tools available - I like the Drake P3 and PDA International tests personally. Check them out and get your free initial report back - you can pay more if you want the full picture.

Make a plan of how you’re going to make it happen

Without a real plan, things rarely change.

Work out the practicalities. How will you get by if you need to retrain? How quickly can you get on to the course? How will you make the right connections to network your way into a fresh industry? How can you best present your transferable skills. Where are there good sources of help and how and when will you access them? How time each week will you devote to this and when?

Write it down. No, really. Even if it feels a little silly or dramatic, write it down, for your sake. Sometimes I find pen and paper has more impact psychologically than typing it on a screen. But do what works best for you.

Ensure there is a start date for the plan and tell someone about it who will hold you accountable.

Start changing your life!

Now get on with it. It’s this final thing that most people don’t do - they think, and review, and learn, and review, and think some more, and review.... and never quite get round to pushing the button. Telling someone about your plan and when the start date or next step should happen, will make it 100 times more likely to happen.

So what are you waiting for?