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I bet you've not clicked this button on LinkedIn.

Frank Hutton
Frank Hutton - Career Coach

One of the least used parts of LinkedIn could be the most useful to you. I'm constantly finding users for whom it's a major surprise. I wonder if you can guess what it is?

Sometimes it's the most obvious things which we miss.

That's one of the reasons I advise all my clients to have a support network they can trust. Someone they can go to, to check things or road test an idea.

Others often spot things that have been staring us in the face for some time.

So if you've not spotted this before, don't be upset or fed up. Just be grateful you know it's there now. And wonder what other useful things might be out there for you to discover soon.

So what's this major revelation?

Well, here it comes... Look at where the cursor is pointing on this LinkedIn Home page...

Have you visited the Jobs tab lately?

It's especially helpful because it immediately suggests options and also points out connections you may have to that organisation so you can approach them for background information or even direct help. You can search for roles of course and explore the other ones that the LI server suggests to you.

You can sign up for job alerts and adjust the feed to bring you only the right kind of opportunity, right into your email inbox, saving you time and headaches.

I think also that it has an even greater effect beyond saving your time.

It helps you appreciate how broad the range of roles available really is and how well connected you may be to those jobs, so really increasing your motivation to persevere with networking and researching.

So go to the jobs tab now (if you haven't already!) and inspire yourself to great things! By the way, anyone can access the jobs tab - you don't need a job seeker or any kind of premium paid for account.