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Would you be this determined to get to work?

Frank Hutton

For some dedicated Bicycle commuters in Boston, MA, the recent incredible snowfall was the ultimate test, not just of their enjoyment of their daily employment but also of their team-working ability and commitment.

Ari Goldberger, a Guitar technician in the US, saw the opportunity not the obstacle when a 15 foot mound of snow blocked his busy cycle route into Boston. Determined not just to be diverted he shared news of the mound on Facebook and before long a group of dedicated snow shovellers created a 40 foot long tunnel through the mound.

I'm not sure Health and Safety experts will like it much, but you have to salute his ingenuity, sense of fun and willingness to work as a team in making a virtue out of a challenge. 

Do you love your job enough to do that?

Enjoy their neat video with a well chosen soundtrack. The mound has gone by the way....