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Help your interviewer get it right

Frank Hutton

When speaking at a recent event, some eyebrows were raised when I claimed that poor recruitment causes motivation problems for a team. The impact of poor recruitment has now been quantified by International recruiters Robert Half.

The Robert Half researchers discovered some scary statistics (see more here) : 

  • 70% of HR directors admit to having made a disastrous hire
  • 1 in 10 recruits are considered a poor hire
  • 52% said loss of productivity was a key consequence
  • 30% said loss of morale followed

At a time when our economy needs to keep growing for everyone's sake, this is concerning. Why?

Skills shortages are growing. Employers may be tempted to make hires to fill gaps. They may rush the process or ignore certain traits because they believe it's better to fill the gap than wait for the right person. I do agree with this in certain circumstances.

However, if they can find the right person by ignoring their own prejudices about the background, age, experience levels and culture/personality of the person, we might see a better result: more jobs filled with the right people.

I believe it's up to the candidates to try and help change that sitation as much as employers.

Let's stop trying to get a job, any job. Let's start trying to find the right job that will work for you as a person, not just as a set of experiences on a CV.

Work hard to get your approach, CV and LinkedIn profile saying things which reflect the real you but in a powerful way. Learn good interview practice to help the real you come through, and if they then buy you, great! And if they reject you, then great too - you didn't want that job. It would not work for you or them.

And if it's at all possible to avoid the ineffective method of recruitment called 'interviewing' almost altogether by networking your way to your next move; start working on that now.