Death and taxes are NOT the only inevitable things in life

Frank Hutton

Most say Benjamin Franklin* gave us the somewhat depressing feeling that life had little certain to offer except an ending and an obligation to give away your hard earned cash. Whilst I can't disagree about the inevitability of those two elements, I am also convinced they are not the only things certain affect to every human on planet earth.

At the start of this year I've had a moment or two to be able to look at a number of LinkedIn profiles; some familiar (yes, you really should get on make those changes I'd advised last year - you know who you are!) as well as others who I've not seen or heard from for a while.

It was while looking at this latter group that I was struck by just how much had changed for some of them. I was impressed by some who had slowly transformed their career from one industry to another; there were women who had not only begun families but also launched fresh businesses and career directions alongside that; people made redundant who had bounced back by re-ordering their priorities and beginning to live life, not just work. And more!

I salute you all! You are my heroes. I am encouraged by you. You give me hope. And I think you bring hope into the world. Thank you!

The one consistent factor they all have experienced, and which I believe is true for all of us wherever we are on the planet, is that change is inevitable. We don't just create change; in fact change most often happens to us and is beyond our control.

A bit like death and taxes, change may have negative connotations for many. I do believe though it's our own choice as to how we respond to it and therefore how it affects us. And hats off to all of you who managed to respond positively in the last 5 years.

And as we all enter a different world to the one we leave behind in 2016, let's choose to look for the opportunities in change and discover new and better things for ourselves, even at the cost of losing some others (like money).

What other things do you think are inevitable besides death and taxes - there must be loads.... why not share your example in a 'comment'?

Happy and blessed 2017 to you all!

*It's possible that Ben, while not plagiarising anyone, had heard the phrase before - thank you to Fred Shapiro on for this: