Congratulations! You're already a winner

Frank Hutton
Champange celebration

I, like you, get regular nudges from LinkedIn to 'congratulate' someone on their 'work anniversary' or to 'see who else is celebrating'. Does anyone celebrate their work?

I know of many who secretly mark off the years they have been in their role, for better or for worse; but I know few who actually get down celebrate. Well, not until they actually leave their job. Or perhaps someone else marks a milestone on their behalf: 10 years, 20 years or maybe longer (less likely in the early 21st century).

But isn't celebrating our work something we should do more often? Having work is such a gift: a means of income, social interaction maybe, a sense of meaning even at a limited level. Anyone who has spent time without work involuntarily will know how the opposite feels.

So maybe today have a celebratory biscuit/nut/apple/cake with your water/coffee/tea/juice; be thankful for what you have and plan how you can make it even better.

Just having work makes you a winner already - and if you don't start planning to get some, paid or unpaid; it's what we are all designed to do.

Cheers/Skol/Proost/Santé/Sláinte/干杯/ΥΓΕΙΑ/Na zdravi!