Let's be real

Frank Hutton
Frank Hutton - Career Coach

I live in North Devon, in the West of England. It's rugged, not overly developed and lacks many of the refinements of our friends a 90 minute drive away on the south coast of the county. Perfect!

We have a lot of surfers (unlike the south) here as the Atlantic waves roll in from the east coast of America untouched.

There are days when they are an aquamarine blue and we see surfers elegantly balanced on them or even very occasionally in the tube. However, they do not look like some of the stock shots I have seen. Pin prick surfers in the heart of a giant wave on a pristine curve.

If you want that kind of thing you need to move country, perhaps even to a fantasy land if you want it on a regular basis.

Getting myself out there in all weathers would be a true achievement...

If I was a surfer, I would want something real and gritty that I could make a part of my life everyday, alongside all the other things I love and cherish. The waves would be dirty and grey most likely, and I would most definitely need a wet suit. However, the challenge of conquering all the elements (and not just the balancing act) and getting myself out there in all weathers would be a true achievement about which I could get excited.

 Look for real achievements in your everyday real world...

Let me encourage you to look for real achievements in your everyday real world and not the fantasy ones which seem to be capturing our screens and devices with increasing intensity. These could truly change your life and that of those around you.