Two questions that could make your world happier

Frank Hutton
Frank Hutton - Career Coach

A non-native English speaker once tried to say to me, “What on earth are you doing?”, but instead  said “What are you doing on earth?”.

More than an endearing error, this sounded like a somewhat deeper question about my purpose here on the planet. And it’s one we all do well to ask ourselves from time to time.


‘Purpose’ is a big part of engaging employees in what an organisation does. So it is no surprise that it is also key to career or job change.


Many of the people I encounter professionally feel that they are in the wrong job. However, more often than not, I discover they are simply in the wrong company or organisation.


Sharing the values of the organisation for which you work is important to many of us (though not to all, I admit). We want to know ‘Why’ we are doing something. What impact does it have? What difference does it make? If I wasn’t here doing this, would it matter?


Finding the culture and structure of the organisation you work for energising and inspiring is vital for all of us, though quite what that culture or structure might be will vary enormously. One that allows you to feel that you fit, have the opportunity to contribute at a level you wish to and where the people seem to ‘get’ you makes the difference between a role being an earning opportunity and your best job yet.


So I ask you two things:

What are you doing on earth? And if you don’t like the answer I encourage you to explore making a change, perhaps even a dramatic change.


Do the people where you work ‘get’ you? And if they don’t accept your difference or approach, or value the contribution you make, why not start looking for a place where they do.


You could make your world a happier place by adjusting the answers you get.