A Career for Life

Frank Hutton
Frank Hutton - Career Coach

It may have escaped few people that no-one is guaranteed ‘a job for life’ any more. And while some may have experienced that kind of security right up to the 1990s, it has never been a reality for many people. Yet the myth of ‘a job for life’ persists in the psyche of many that I work with. Maybe even in yours.

I want to introduce a fresher and more positive concept to you.

One that isn’t about being locked in to one employer forever (how boring and depressing!). A concept that speaks about continuity of employment rather than continual employment. A working lifestyle that is about freedom, choice and hope for the future.

I call it a ‘Career for Life’.

It’s not necessarily that you’ll do the same thing forever and a day; and certainly not with the same organisation.

‘A Career for Life’ is about finding out what your strengths, talents and innate abilities are, and then offering them to a world where they are needed without compromise or fear.

It may not be the recipe to make you the world’s wealthiest person (though it might).

It may not result in you being famous (though it might).

It may not make you more attractive to potential life partners (though there’s every evidence that it will).

It will make you able to be the person you are and want to be (and you will probably be a lot happier and fulfilled as a result).

Don’t wait for someone else to deliver this to you. Don’t wait until you’re sick of something before you to decide to make a change. Don’t see this as something you do when you are put into the position of having to.

I want to encourage you to explore with me, in the coming weeks, about how approaching your purpose in the working world/earning money is a journey of which you are actually in charge; which is a theme that runs through every role you take on and is something you work on constantly. That perhaps you keep pursuing until the day you depart this life, if you wish to. What is ‘retirement’ anyway?

A Career for Life should be just that: you pursuing the many facets of what you have to offer the world for all of your life, while ensuring it enhances and improves all of your life.

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