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Pathways to Professions - How to find work in Direct & Digital Marketing

21 January, 2014
4:00pm to 6:00pm

Hosted by leading UK creative agencies

‘The Real Adventure’ & 'EMO'

Join us at this unique event to find out how young people can get a job in direct and digital marketing.

Suitable for Careers advisors, Employability teachers, work experience coordinators, SLT and anyone who works with young people.

As a rapidly growing and sustainable industry, direct marketing makes a major contribution to the UK economy.  UK expenditure on direct marketing totals more than £15 billion and encouragingly, businesses using direct marketing forecast that their expenditure will continue to increase annually – hugely important in a recovering economy.  Such growth is being driven predominately by increased investment in direct digital channels.

The number of people employed in direct marketing totals around 530,000, accounting for at least 1.8% of total UK employment. Moreover, there are strong indicators that employment in direct marketing is growing across all sectors.  This coupled with a skills shortage provides exciting opportunities for employers and potential employees alike.

Ensure your students are receiving up-to-date information on progression routes, careers and opportunities available to them.

  • What does working in marketing mean in 2014?
  • Do you need a degree to work in a marketing company?
  • What are the routes into working in the creative industries?
  • What are the skills and competencies an agency requires? 


4.00pm   Welcome     (Simon Brace, New Business Director-Real Adventure & Peter Brown, Managing Director-EMO with Sue Attewell, Head of Skills-West of England LEP)

4.30pm   What is direct & digital marketing? (Andrew Buffrey, Regional Manager-DMA West & Wales)

4.40pm   So you want to work in marketing? (Chris Moody, Head of Insights & Data Strategy-The Real Adventure)

4.50pm   Careers opportunities in the West (Frank Hutton-Hutton & Co)

5.00pm   Creativity across traditional & digital channels  (Ian Bates, Creative Director–The Real Adventure)

5.10pm   Data & analytics – it’s not just about being creative!  (Tim Furse, Senior Data Manager-EMO)

5.20pm   Creating opportunities  (Dan Limb, Planner–The Real Adventure / TBC-EMO)

5.30pm   New opportunities in creative industries  (Tina Gill-National Apprenticeship Service)

5.40pm   Questions & networking


If you would like further information regarding this event please email:

Nicky Williams, Creative Skills Adviser, West of England LEP

nicky.williams@woeskills.co.uk or call 07881 091714